Meet Will

William Rankin comes from modest beginnings. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he was raised there and in Northern Kentucky in subsidized government housing by his parents until he graduated from high school and joined the military. He comes from a long line of honest hardworking men and women who understood the value of a hard-earned dollar.  His grandparents worked as union coal miners, bricklayers and textile factory workers to provide for their families, and passed this work ethic down to him through his parents. His father worked blue-collar jobs as a union auto worker and steelworker, and retired a county school repairman, while his mother was a traditional stay at home mom caring for him and his three siblings. “Will,” as he is called by friends and family, is a father of two adult children and recently a new grandfather who understands the continued struggles and suffering of average hard working Floridians, and is committed to bringing economic prosperity with equal opportunities and access for all.

Will is an experienced international businessman and financial officer with a background in fighting government financial crime and conducing fraud investigations. As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, he will use these skills to promote new business and jobs for the state, root out fraud and waste, increase transparency and restore the public’s trust in Florida government.

Service in our nation’s military is a proud family tradition in Will’s family. His father and two brothers all served, as did his uncle in Vietnam and his great uncle during WWII. During Will’s 11-year career in the U.S. Army, he honorably served in Law Enforcement and as a Special Agent with the Army Criminal Investigator (CID) specializing in fighting economic crime, fraud in government agencies, and arson investigations.

“As Florida’s next CFO, I will work diligently for all Floridians to eliminate fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption in our state government, and those who do business with the state.”  

After service-connected injuries forced Will to retire early from the military, he used Veterans’ benefits to finish college. He graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration majoring in Economics from St. Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he was on the Dean’s Academic List and President of the Economic Honor Society. Will is proud to have been the first person in his family to graduate from college.

Will went on to a successful career in business development in the private sector before serving as the Director of Asset Management for the State Treasury of Ohio. Overseeing the custodial operation and safeguarding the state’s $120 billion dollar public trust and retirement fund, was the focus of his responsibility while working with the state’s retirement funds and custodial banks to ensure accurate accountability. Will pledges to put this same expertise immediately to work for the taxpayers of Florida to safeguard and protect their money and retirement savings for generations to come.

It was Will’s work with the U.S. Congressional Census Monitoring Board working with leaders of minority communities and local elected officials across the nation to ensure that everyone was fairly counted that first brought him to Florida. There, it was Florida’s amazing population of diverse people and communities that convinced Will to make Florida his home. Today he is a private business consultant with entrepreneurial ventures home and abroad.

Informed by his own humble upbringing, as well as a broad base of business, financial and investigative experience, William Rankin wants to serve his fellow Floridians as their state’s Chief Financial Officer to give back to the great state and its people who have given him so much.